Are you making all the money you want from your coffee business?
...Are you making any money?

What's Included?

Book - How to Get Profitable in the Coffee Business

"How to Get Profitable in the Coffee Business" is a 310-page E-Book (PDF download) packed full of useful information. It will help you evaluate your business so you can determine why you aren't making money, and it also provides a concise game plan to help you achieve or maximize your profitability.

Not knowing where your business is at makes it extremely difficult to plan a route to your desired destination - profitability! And, while knowing your cost of goods, and creating a monthly profit & loss statement will not, in themselves, make you profitable, they will tell you where the problem areas are, so you can concentrate your efforts on doing the right things; actions that can fix your business!

It has been my experience in working 20+ years as a consultant with hundreds of retailers, that few have possessed the knowledge or had the time to set up useful paper systems. These are systems that can help you order product, record purchases, log sales, calculate a cost of goods, and create a monthly income statement. Chapter-8 of this book will provide you with and overview of these commonly used administrative forms, and they are all included with the download of the book. These download materials also include other useful documents such as, a 40-page employee policy manual and employee opening & closing checklists (that you can edit in MS Word), and sample recipes sheets for beverages.

Strategies are provided to cut costs and build your customer base and sales immediately! I learned these strategies when I was managing stores for national and regional restaurant chains, and they always produced results that helped maximize business profitability.

The 120-day action plan laid out in chapter-13, will help pull together all the tasks and actions that you will read about in the book. I know you are busy running your operation, and probably won't have the time to distill-down the information in the book into a ready-to-use plan, so I've done it for you. Simply follow the plan and watch your business improve!

Remember, the definition of "insanity" is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. With a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee, what do you have lose? Don't lose your life-savings, take action now!