Are you making all the money you want from your coffee business?
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About the Author

Ed Arvidson, author of book - How to get profitable in the coffee business

Ed Arvidson is the president of "E&C Consulting, Inc.," a company providing high-quality consulting services to those in the Specialty Coffee Business. He is also the creator and instructor of the "Coffee Business School of the Cascades," the industry's premier online coffee business school.

Over his 20+ year consulting career, Ed has worked with literally hundreds of clients helping them plan and open their coffee businesses. Teaching is one of his strong suits, and he has personally directed employee training and store opening at nearly 100 coffee businesses. Ed is also a master at troubleshooting, and often consults for existing retailers who are struggling.

Prior to starting his consulting career, Ed was the owner / manager of three award-winning retail coffee operations, and four restaurants.

Before striking out on his own, he spent fifteen years building experience in the corporate restaurant industry with such companies as, "TGI Friday's," "Sea Galley" restaurants, and "Beef & Brew," a regional chain in Oregon and Washington. Over his corporate career, he held positions such as: general manager, corporate management trainer, corporate food and beverage manager, and corporate store troubleshooter. In one instance, Ed took a store that was loosing $7,000 a month, and returned it to profitability after only 90 days!

Ed fully understands what it takes to achieve profitability in a foodservice business, because he has personally accomplished that multiple times. He now shares his years of experience and know how in this new book, "How to Get Profitable in the Coffee Business."